Mission Partners

A list of all our charity and mission partners that we prayerfully support.


Barnabas Fund - https://barnabasfund.org/


CMS - http://www.churchmissionsociety.org/ 


FEBA - https://www.feba.org.uk/


HOPE Bedfordshire - http://hopebeds.org/


IMPACT - http://www.impactbedford.org.uk/


Malawi Orphan Fund - https://malawiorphanfund.uk/


OM - https://www.uk.om.org/


Praise & Play - http://www.praiseandplay.co.uk/


Railway Mission - http://www.railwaymission.org/


SMART/Prebend Day Centre - http://www.prebendcentre.org.uk/


Release - http://www.releaseinternational.org/


Zambesi Mission - https://www.zambesimission.org/



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